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Why Choose Us

Extensive Portfolio

With over a decade’s worth of experience and an extensive portfolio in the pocket, Lensern has become a reputable key player in the building material supplier industry across South East Asia. Most of their sales are from word-of-mouth, a proof that the quality of materials and services are of the highest standards.

Building Relationships

Understanding the importance of creating meaningful work relationship with clients, Lensern is here for clients from start to finish. For every project, Lensern provide pre-project consultation, monitor the processes of the work closely, and follow up with after-sales services and consultation.
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The heart of their business is forging close and collaborative long-term relationships with our clients. Throughout the years, Lensern have worked with an impressive portfolio of clients including Toyota, Pioneer, Forest City, Changi Airport, and the Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (MRT).

Effective Standard Operating Procedures

At Lensern, It is believed that a sophisticated and effective standard operating procedure can set us apart from other companies. Lensern analyse the blueprints of projects meticulously and conduct extensive pre-project surveys before any building process starts. All these are expertly done with professional project supervision and execution. The production line is also backed by a professional and skillful team to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity at a minimal cost.
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Certified Materials

Aside from being high quality, the materials are also certified. This is crucial for gaining the confidence of their distributors and clients. As Lensern is the manufacturer of PVC raw materials for fencing manufacturing, they also have the upper hand in the industry and thus, are able to offer better rates to their clients.
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After years of hard work and perseverance, Lensern has successfully expanded their product variety to include other building materials such as BRC wire mesh, reinforcing steel bar, galvanised wire mesh, gabion, razor barbed wire, ultragal pipe, and angle bar.
Lensern has also furthered their specialisation in the fencing industry by offering different types of fencing such as chain-link fence, BRC fence, and anti-climb fence to fulfill the growing needs of their clients and customers.

Moving Forward

As a company that is thriving in the ever-expanding building material supplier industry, Lensern is looking to get ISO (International Standards Organisation) certified in five years in order to compete with other major industry players.
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